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What does your breath say about you?

Updated: Dec 20, 2021

This is probably not the first time you hear about breathwork. Breathwork has been known by yogis for years and is now up and coming mainstream. I got introduced to breathwork while being on a personal transformation. I always felt the desire to truly connect with myself, others and nature. I knew there where areas in my life that left an imprint and stopped me from being my best self. I noticed other struggling with this too. But society’s pressure seemed to distract us, running a constant rat-race of ticking boxes and doing the next best thing to…. Getting a job / making money / buying a house / finding love.. like a grocery list to safety, security, success or whatever it means to you. But this buzz isn’t creating much space to stop. While all we have to do is stop and look within. In a space of stillness and surrender we will meet the opportunity to unfold layers of our existence so we can really meet ourselves. When we get to know him / her , everything will fall in place so much better. Everything we do, will feel so much more purposeful.

I am a certified facilitator of Rebirthing breathwork. A conscious connected and rhythmic breathing technique that will guide you underneath the surface, past the noise into a space where you can discover deeper layers of your being, to have a better understanding of who you are and let go of physical, spiritual and/or mental tension and experience a sense of peace. Besides the programs I offer on this website, I also give one on one sessions. If you are interested in rebirthing, let me know I am here for you. Below a video of my dear friend and teacher Katia explaining Rebirthing breathwork. the video is made by my dear friends and lovely couple David and Merith.

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