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For me, my inner wellbeing; my mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health is all interconnected with my connection to mother nature,
and all her healing ways. How much respect, grace and honor and devotion I pay to her, I indirectly pay to myself,
as we are not separate from nature..
So beside the community circle programs offering psych, somatic, breath and inner guidance, I take my selfcare rituals very serious too
which includes nurturing myself with natural oils, teas, smells and steams. I have started PLANT PANTHER a while ago but it has been on the shelves for some time. I am so happy to re-introduce plant panther here for you to shop and enjoy these products I poured my heart into and are filled with love!

"The panther spirit stands for power and protection. A symbol of courage and determination. When this spirit guide comes into your life, you know that you have a fierce guardian. The panther is closely associated with the power of the night and the dark moon. The night stands for restoration, peace and the dark moon symbolize inward focus..

Plants form the backbone of the earths ecosystem. They provide oxygen and food which is necessary for survival on earth. The earth has more than 80.000 species of edible plants, and 70.000 plants are utilized of medicine. That been said, only 1% of the rainforest plants been studied for medicinal potentials...."

Every product is handcrafted by Farrieda herself and small local businesses are supported by buying the supplies of them. There is no bulk production, and the packaging is sustainable

Every collection will be exclusive, which means that products are available as long as they are in stock. After that, a whole new collection with the same concept will be created. 

We respect and work together with mother earth and hope to be a bridge for people to a more holistic lifestyle.

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