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Showing all your colors should be a safe thing to do

I am a multidimensional soul and If my diversity confuses you because you can’t put me in a corner, that’s ok! Just watch a cartoon show where characters are one dimensional..😊

How causterfobic is the idea to design a whole concept of imagery about yourself and your personal branding to fit in a box that will grand you the acceptance of other to certify yourself as a surthen ‘persona’. That would never be truthful .👽

Don’t fit me in a box. Don’t label me. You don’t have to understand me neither….Just let me be me and me is free ❤️‍🔥

Free of the idea to be the perfect form of anything… how boring would that be? Or how stressful to keep up the avatar as you like to be perceived.. Exclude all other things that life offers to make sure to ‘belong’ to that one interest.. wouldn’t that be a disrespect to life itself and betrayal to the soul? 👁

I do this, and also this and that. I am multidimensional. I like contrast and get inspired by everything I see, hear, read, smell, touch or feel. I accept and live in life’s contradictions, it’s where LIFE happens. It’s where I grow and how I learn to create true harmony. We are all part of the rainbow and creatively free to expand from one color to another. YES I like to live in alignment with who I am, and who I am is always changing and free to feel a different groove one day to another!

It doesn’t make sense to me to apply a singular dimensional answer to a multi dimensional experience called LIFE - and ALIVE is what you where ment to be, free from a closed off box, that would never fit all true colors of who we are!! Are you ready to accept, learn from all that you are?

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