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I wrote this as a reflection upon c-v-19

The collective beliefs of the population is the world as we see it. Its made by politicis and cultures. And US. We take on what we are fed. How much of that could be an illusion? It we want to survive this crisis we have to change our beliefs systems..

That for me it starts with checking in upon myself and be critical about my beliefs. Detach from my ideas and clean up thoughts. Cause only in the silence lays truth. So I become still.

Feelings of envy, dislike, judge, hate, negative thoughts, its us feeling that, putting that energy into our bodies. Its only blocking our own alignment. But as M.king said, true peace is not merely the absence of tention. It is the presence of justice. So it’s ok to experience tention.

What are you doing with it tho? Friction is the start of creation… Right? Mmm. Right is right, even when everyone is against is, and wrong is wrong, even when everyone is for it.

I am not the one to know it. I don’t know. I become still and I feel. What is my truth? What is my heartbeat like? What is my nervous system telling me? The mind many times becomes the abuser. So when I want to change my believe system, I tap into my heartspace, between my lungs. I let the stillness of my breath wash my beliefs away and my heart opens up.. What is she telling me? To love, respect, accept one other more. To see the endless possible perspectives of how life could be. Brighten my wisedom on the humble side. How blessed are we to be alive these times?

Im trying not to missinterpreted, assume or speculate the world in transformation but trust the cosmos and so us, the collective belief, to gradually and in perfect timing form a harmonious world. Protecting, embracing each other. Can we think bigger, think beautifull, think as one force? as our true nature? As LOVE?

Tipss.. Stuck in our head is not a clear channel as energy gets stuck. So feel into how your energie feels. Prioritize your health now. Integrative meditative deep breaths. Ground yourself and reconnect. Stillness is insightful.

Love, Farrieda.

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