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Hey there :-)


Hey, welcome and nice to meet you ( soon?)! My name is Farrieda, Founder and creator of the Community Circle :-)
I’ve studied performing arts in collage and graduated as an actress. I then realized that what I found so interesting about acting is the psychological research to empathize with a character, the emotional intelligence to understand, the awareness and control over your body movements, the playfulness for the soul. I actually got introduced to so many spiritual and conscious body, mind and spirit practices at school.. Like Nidra yoga for example! Although my teacher called it the ‘body scan’.. As little did I know that this would be one of my meditation practices today!

Anyhow! I been travelling the world for 10+ years and I got introduced to a diversity of cultures, environments and met many faces along the way. I learned about different rituals, spiritual practices, physical, emotional and mental exercises. I integrated many of them and it has made me grow and expand so much, that I now want to be of service by sharing those experiences and knowledge.

I am a certified rebirthing breathworker and life coach which means, that I guide you through profound inner-work leading to authentic inner-wealth, via deep insights and healing that transforms you and your life! Exploring my inner wellbeing and outer worlds has always felt more powerful in the support of a COMMUNITY.. There is so much power in gathering together to trust, share, explore and being witnessed by others while stepping into our truth! I believe everyone deserves a community as we are indeed brothers and sisters after all.. And so the Community Circle was born :-) Offering transformational self - exploration and development programs during the start. mid and end of the year!




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